«Nicole Kidman Appeared In Public With Her Beautiful Daughters:😍 What Was The Detail That Caught Everyone’s Attention?»😲

Nicole Kidman stole the show at the Life Achievement Award presentation. She was joined by her husband Keith Urban and their seldom-seen teenage kids, and she was showered with praise from fans. Kidman radiated elegance in a glittering gold Balenciaga gown, while Urban looked dapper in a traditional black tuxedo.

Their daughters Faith, 13, and Sunday, 15, each added a touch of flair to the celebration.

While her younger sister wore a strapless coral outfit, Sunday shone in a white, flowery gown. Kidman’s niece, Sybella Hawley, and sister, Antonia, completed the family get-together.

Online, fans praised the family for the composure and sincere joy they showed in the pictures. Commenters praised the daughters’ age-appropriate clothes and the family’s obvious closeness. Some did point out Kidman’s adopted children, Conor and Isabella, from her former marriage to Tom Cruise being missing.

There was conjecture as to why they hadn’t shown up, and some people expressed displeasure or passed judgment.

Even still, Kidman’s timeless beauty frequently draws harsh criticism; most recently, this criticism focused on a picture that was thought to be unsuitable for her age.



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