😍«They Appear So Joyful: Tom Hanks who is 67, posted sweet pictures of himself and his spouse!»💖

Actress Rita Wilson and Hollywood star Tom Hanks celebrated their wedding anniversary today. Tom said that they had been together for 36 years on his Instagram page. In honor of their “agate” wedding anniversary, Tom shared a touching picture of Rita and him cuddling up on a yacht with the ocean in the background.

The formal date of Rita Wilson and my marriage was April 30, 1988. Three decades have passed! Since then, only love has existed. “I appreciate it,” Tom said in the photo’s description.

Rita also publicly commemorated their noteworthy achievement by posting a collection of images showing different times in their lives together, such as social gatherings and holidays.

 “They Look So Happy”: 67-Year-Old Tom Hanks Posted Romantic Photos With His Wife!

30 April 1988, our 36th anniversary. Rita yelled, “Grow old with me; the best is yet to come,” paraphrasing Robert Browning.
Congratulations and expressions of thanks were sent by fans to the couple for being living examples of eternal love.

“Happy anniversary, you two gorgeous guys.”

“These grins convey everything. Cheers to your anniversary!

“Happy anniversary! I hope that everyone experiences this kind of love!

“I cherish you both.” We appreciate you inspiring us all.

“Happy anniversary to the most charming and considerate pair.”

In other developments, singer Kamalia recently proudly displayed a priceless ring and alluded to the possibility of a second marriage after divorcing millionaire Zahoor.



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