«That’s really nice!😍 The Couple Purchased An Old House Surrounded By Overgrown Land And Completely Remodeled It!»

A couple discovered a hidden gem more than ten years ago when they came upon a run-down house with overgrown vegetation, neglected land, and a $700 price tag. It was obvious that, despite its initial state, this might have been a lovely vacation home tucked away next to a river and woodland.
They realized this was their last chance to escape.

 “Beauty Without Big Investment”: The Spouses Bought An Old House With An Overgrown Land And Transformed It Beyond Recognition!
Tackling the overgrown plot was the first thing to do. They mowed the lawn, removed the brush, and started fixing up the house. The land’s layout, which included a planned vegetable garden with sections set aside for lawns and flowerbeds, was then shown. For the fence, a green hedge was selected.

Their primary priority was digging a well because there was no water supply at the time. Taking the lead, the husband built a pergola, a well-designed well cover, a cool outdoor shower, and a useful storage shed. His carpentry abilities were evident in the majority of the dacha furniture, which he made by hand, as well as on the terrace, balcony, and porch. They erected a seasonal pipe that was connected to the well for water availability. The kitchen sink’s water was heated by a basin heater and pumped in. A little pit receives the wastewater.

Throughout the project, price, practicality, and beauty were crucial factors to take into account. Their corner couch, for instance, is a straightforward yet clever design made of a plywood and wood platform with comfortable mattresses and cushions on top.

For their summer shower, the creative pair even repurposed old doors and windows, with the wife adding a chic touch with Roman curtains.
The dacha is only 36 square meters, but it has a comfortable layout with a bedroom, living room, kitchen, veranda, and small patio.

An alpine slide with a lovely pond served as their first significant landscaping project. The conifers were grown from cuttings, and stones were collected from all over the area to create a beautiful arrangement.

The dacha changes with the seasons: in spring, it features a vivid display of primroses; in summer, it features a burst of color with irises, roses, and lilies; and in fall, it features a display of dahlias and chrysanthemums.

The $500 roof replacement was the biggest outlay of funds. On everything else, there were minor outlays on necessities like furniture and gardening supplies. But the real worth is in the enormous amount of love, creativity, and work that went into this endeavor.

For their cherished dacha, this happy couple has many hopes for the future. Warm winter evenings are devoted to ideation, guaranteeing that every spring brings innovative upgrades and new ideas to their beloved getaway.

Their commitment and the breathtaking outcomes are very inspirational and a monument to what can be accomplished with a lot of love, perseverance, and a little innovation.

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