«That’s really strange!😧How does he breath?What does the boy with a rare nose condition look like now?»🙁

A sincere appeal was made to the television program “I’m Embarrassed by My Body” by the mother of Sergey Telesenko, whose baby was born with an uncommon nose deformity that was missed by prenatal ultrasounds.

 A Boy Born With a Rare Nose Condition Underwent Surgery: What Does He Look Like Now?
The family found it difficult to pay for the operation, which is only done once every ten years, even though there was no past family history of similar problems.

Sergey’s condition was brought to the attention of volunteers, who made it possible for a surgeon to undertake the necessary procedure and give him a shot at a more normal look.

Though there is more rehabilitation to come, Sergey and his mother are really happy with the outcome.

Nowadays, Sergey enjoys interacting with his classmates and plays an active role in a football club.

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