😳Why Are Michael Jackson’s Family Members Embarrassed To Display The Star’s Sister When Jackson’s Elder Sister Is 67 Years Old?😮    

La Toya Jackson turned 67 years old lately, yet many people find it hard to comprehend how the attractive woman they knew so long ago could have aged so much. Within La Toya’s close friends and family, there are rumors that her relatives are becoming more and more unhappy with her appearance because of what they believe to be botched plastic surgery.

 Jackson’s Elder Sister Is 67 Years Old: Why Are Michael’s Relatives Embarrassed To Show Star’s Sister?
To be more precise, Janet Jackson has refrained from posing with her sister in public, seemingly to prevent La Toya from being mistaken for their late brother Michael Jackson, who was well-known for having cosmetic surgery done on his physique.

Online commentators haven’t held back when condemning La Toya; several comments have expressed shock and concern at her transformation.

Some have even gone so far as to compare her to Michael, while others are upset at the Jackson family’s seeming physical changes.

The deluge of negative comments in La Toya’s latest video shows how the public is both attracted to and sometimes skeptical of celebrity appearances. Take part in the conversation below to share your thoughts and viewpoints on this subject.

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