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Sarah Jessica Parker, the well-known actress from “Sex and the City,” is praised in Hollywood for having a flawless sense of style. She is quite noticeable and is not often spotted out in public with her kids. On September 28, nevertheless, she made an uncommon appearance with her twin girls at the premiere of the film “Hocus Pocus,” in which she appeared.

Fans got to see Marion and Tabitha, who was born on June 22, 2009, at the age of 15, grow and change in this unique event. The twins looked incredibly grown up at the premiere, standing proudly next to their mother. With her blonde hair and blue eyes, Marion looks like her mother, but her father, actor Matthew Broderick, is her father’s facial feature mate.

 “Stylish And Grown-up Girls”: What Do Sarah Jessica Parker’s 15-Year-Old Twin Daughters Look Like Now?
On the other hand, brown-eyed Tabitha looks a lot like her father did when he was younger. For the occasion, Sarah wore a sophisticated lavender Armani outfit that included pajama-style pants and an oriental-inspired jacket with flower designs.

Tabitha went for a more subdued appearance in a black dress with stylish long sleeves, while Marion picked a dazzling party dress with exposed shoulders.

The sisters have clear distinctions in looks, even though they are frequently referred to as twins; however, this wasn’t as obvious when they were little. Sarah Jessica Parker gave birth to Marion and Tabitha through a surrogate mother. James, their 22-year-old elder brother, mimics their mother’s features.

After James was born, Parker completely embraced motherhood, which led to the ending of the “Sex and the City” series so that she could focus on her family. In an attempt to grow her family once more after failing to conceive naturally, Parker turned to contemporary reproductive methods, including IVF and surrogacy.

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