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The 49-year-old actor Leonardo DiCaprio recently made news after discovering he was dining with singer Teyana Taylor. However, in more recent pictures, paparazzi photographed him with his girlfriend, Italian supermodel Vittoria Ceretti, 25. There have been speculations of a potential engagement since the pair were spotted dining together at Yuca’s Diner in Los Angeles.

Vittoria gave DiCaprio a tender embrace while placing an order at the restaurant, and she didn’t hesitate to show off the band on her left ring finger. It’s interesting to note that DiCaprio was seen sharing his burrito with her, a practice he reportedly has while dining with his love interests.
When DiCaprio and Vittoria Ceretti were spotted together in Cannes in May last year, rumors about their romance began circulating. They went on to make more public appearances, such as going to Riccardo Tisci’s birthday celebration in August and being pictured walking and kissing in Santa Barbara and Ibiza.DiCaprio’s past relationships have been closely examined, with rumors circulating that he favors dating people under the age of 25. He has been linked to younger women since splitting from actress Camila Morrone after five years of dating.

If the ring shown on Vittoria’s finger is an engagement ring, DiCaprio and Vittoria would be getting married for the second time. June marks Vittoria’s 26th birthday.

She was once married to DJ Matteo Milleri, a.k.a. Anyma. They got married in 2020, but she filed for divorce from her spouse in June of last year, coinciding with the start of her romance with DiCaprio.

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