😩«What Does The Boyfriend Of A Transgender “Woman” Who Spent Millions To Get Her Barbie-like Appearance Look Like?That’s really disgusting!»😬

Let me introduce you to 40-year-old American transgender lady Nikki Exotika. Several significant plastic operations have been necessary for her along the way, which is evidence of her dedication to getting the look she wants. She exudes a renewed feeling of happiness and contentment as a result of her change.

Nikki has had several operations done on her to mimic the appearance of a Barbie doll for the last 20 years. These include voice treatment, nose jobs, lifts, tucks, and even breast augmentations.

Driven by a childhood infatuation with the famed doll, she has spent over a million dollars on her metamorphosis.
Nikki’s decision to go for the Barbie look is quite personal to her; it stems from her long-standing love of pop culture icons like Madonna and the doll.

She seemed to be different from her friends in that she was fascinated with dolls and cosmetics.
Nikki found transitioning to be difficult, with cruel remarks and hostility all around her.

But the instant she accepted who she was, she felt a tremendous feeling of honesty and freedom.

On Instagram, Nikki can be seen bonding like siblings with Justin Jedlica, also referred to as “the human Ken doll.” Their same love of improving one’s appearance is reflected in their transformational journey.

Nikki is not the only one who aspires to look like a Barbie. Baghdadi Dalia Naeem, who has undergone many operations to resemble the doll, has drawn criticism for her drastic makeover, with some calling her a “zombie.”

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