«At age nine, she starred with Leonardo DiCaprio in a movie called How Does Today’s Little Cora from the Titanic Look?» 😲😍 

The world was enthralled by the epic romance of the Titanic 26 years ago. One of the many unforgettable moments was the endearing performance by 9-year-old Alex Owens. Alex’s mother placed her and her sister in the movie, and the three of them spent an amazing six months on set.

 She Starred With Leonardo DiCaprio At The Age Of 9: What Does Little Cora From Titanic Look Like Today?
The public was enthralled with Alex’s portrayal of Cora Cartmell, and she even developed a close connection with her co-star Leonardo DiCaprio, who supposedly showered her with affection and even placed her peanut butter sandwich orders! Even though her early success was evident, Alex decided to put her schooling first following her Titanic experience.

But the desire to become an actor never went away. She relocated to Los Angeles after graduating and started taking acting classes seriously. Resolved to leave her imprint in Hollywood, Alex reappeared in 2017 as a young lady with a fresh enthusiasm for the industry. She has been eagerly waiting for the opportunity to recreate the enchantment of her childhood performance and has since progressively expanded her career with roles in a variety of musicals.

Apart from her acting career, Alex also likes to captivate audiences with her cabaret shows. With almost 20,000 followers on social media, Alex is a frequent user of the site. She utilizes it to inform her admirers about her most recent endeavors and to campaign for topics that are important to her.

With her skill and tenacity, Alex Owens is a committed actor who is a living example of the strength of persistence. She will no doubt continue to captivate audiences for many years to come.

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