«A Heartbreaking Story!💔 An Indian couple was the only one who chose to assist a baby girl who had Down syndrome, even though she was an ignored baby no one wanted to adopt.»😫

Early in childhood, Kavita Baluni blossomed in her steadfast conviction in the value of family. She had a fantasy, dating back to before she was married, of giving a needy kid a loving home—a wish that went against the conventional wisdom in her family and community. Adoption felt natural to her and her husband Himanshu when they chose to create a family. When they came across people with Down syndrome when they were living in the US, their trip took an inspirational turn. Unfazed, they made a concerted effort to comprehend and accept it. Their desire to offer a child with special needs a loving upbringing was stoked by their newly acquired understanding.

 “She Was An Ignored Baby No One Wanted To Adopt”: An Indian Couple Were The Only Who Decided To Help A Baby Girl With Down Syndrome!
They were certain that every child should have the opportunity to grow up in a loving home, regardless of their abilities. Their family first voiced worries about the difficulties and long-term implications of adopting a kid with special needs. Still, Kavita and Himanshu didn’t waver in their belief. They set out on a life-changing adventure to adopt a kid who has Down syndrome. Through photos, Veda, a 15-month-old girl with Down syndrome, won their hearts. They did not doubt that she was meant to be their daughter. They greeted Veda with loving arms even though they were the first couple from India to adopt a kid with Down syndrome. “She was desired by none but Kavita,” she said.

Veda overcame every obstacle with an unrelenting spirit and strength. Her development from a vulnerable 15-month-old to a healthy, self-reliant 6-year-old has been nothing short of remarkable. She used to look incapable of swinging, balancing, or engaging in activities that she could no longer do. Her incredible endurance and drive are demonstrated by her trust in the water and her ability to communicate vocally.

With fun, discovery, and, most recently, homeschooling—a customized method that plays to her particular talents and interests—Kavita and Himanshu treasure every moment they spend with Veda.

Veda has taken on the role of their teacher, teaching them priceless lessons about tolerance, unwavering love, and the virtue of accepting diversity. She has demonstrated to them that being unique should be embraced rather than seen as a restriction. Through this journey, Kavita and Himanshu have discovered how to be present in the moment and accept both the good times and the bad with thankfulness and grace.

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