😱«Again plastic surgery?In the recently posted video, 77-year-old Goldie Hawn looked so lovely and young!»😟

The “First Wives Club” star, known for her trademark flowing blonde hair and dark eyes, was spotted wearing a “Be Kind to Your Mind” t-shirt in a recent video. The Goldie Hawn Foundation’s MindUp program is supported by the shirt sales, which further emphasize the actress’s dedication to mental health. The eternally young Goldie Hawn revealed her four strategies for preserving mental well-being.

The beloved actress, who has candidly talked about her battles with melancholy, began her message by emphasizing, “Today, I’m wearing my new t-shirt, which says, ‘Be kind to your mind.'” It’s essential because our mentality affects how we manage our thoughts, how we live our everyday lives, and how we take care of our minds.

Goldie, a fervent advocate for mental health awareness, highlighted the importance of a simple grin in the video by sharing her four methods for cultivating “a joyful mind.” “Smile even if it feels forced,” the actress who won an Oscar said. Because having a smile on your face makes your brain happy… Even when you’re not in the mood, what goes through your head when you smile? It thinks of itself as happier, and we want to cultivate a happy mind!

The reaction to Goldie’s advice was swift, with many fans noting how her optimism uplifts them. “I am filled with delight and excitement when I see your grin. A fan said, “Thank you for the positive message today. I hope everyone has health and happiness.”

Some others wrote personal remarks, with one writing, “More than anything, I needed this reminder today.” I’m grinning now, and it’s quite encouraging! and a thank-you note saying, “Your advice is a treasure.” Many people grin because of you.

Ali Wentworth, one of the celebrities who weighed in, said, “Seeing your face always makes me smile, and that uplifts my spirits!”

Since her breakthrough performance in the 1960s comedy series “Laugh-In,” Goldie Hawn has been known for her contagious grin. Her warm and bubbly personality has continued to please viewers in her films and public appearances.

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