😢«The paparazzi saw Lopez with her daughter, who refused to be a girl!»😳

Renowned American performer Jennifer Lopez gave birth to twins Maximilian and Emma in 2008. Emma, Lopez’s 15-year-old daughter, recently caused a stir among fans by declaring that she preferred to be addressed as “THEY.”Emma has a preference for dressing in a more manly manner and acts like a teenager.

Some fans speculate that J. Lo could be worried about how Emma’s decisions will impact her well-preserved persona. However, Lopez, who embodies the modern-day father who is understanding and helpful, stands by Emma and provides unshakable support.

Recently, a photo of Lopez on a stroll with Emma was taken by the paparazzi. Despite the nasty remarks and murmurs from the media, the singer was spotted clutching her child’s hand.

Online users wrote a variety of comments beneath the pictures of Lopez and her kid. Some pointed out physical distinctions and projected changes throughout time, while others speculated about Emma’s future and made comparisons to her mother.

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