«Is it photoshop or real?😲Salma Hayek, 56, was shown wearing a bodysuit.»🔥👙

Approaching her sixties, Salma Hayek exudes a youthfulness that defies her years; she is frequently misidentified as someone in her mid-thirties. She recently surprised her fans on Instagram with a picture of herself wearing a brown bodysuit and highlighting the changes she’s made to her physique in the last 20 years.

Hayek’s followers were speechless when they saw the breathtaking picture, marveling at how she seemed to resist the passing of time. Remarks such as “Absolutely amazing,” “Stunning,” “Very impressive body,” and “Able to compete with someone half her age”.

“It is so very beautiful.” Comments like “Salma, you’re a marvel” and “Top-tier actress” filled her page, along with some criticism and remarks about how well-aged she looked.

Unaffected by criticism, Hayek continues to enjoy herself on her holiday and basks in the affection of her devoted followers.

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