«I didn’t know about it before!😱 A stove’s inside grate has several practical uses?Let’s look how?»

I never saw it coming, but at forty, I suddenly had an epiphany regarding the oven rack. I had assumed that was its exclusive usage in the past, using it only to hold dough forms or baking pans. But I’ve found that it’s far more versatile than that.

I discovered that this rack may serve as a toaster substitute. I tried toasting white bread as an experiment. I made great toast in approximately 20 minutes by putting a baking sheet right beneath the rack and snaking bread slices between the bars!

It also works perfectly for roasting veggies right on the rack, skin and all. Using the rack to bake potatoes, bell peppers, tomatoes, and eggplants is simple.
Do you want some meat on a skewer? Not an issue. For succulent kebabs, skewer the meat and put it on the grill over the rack. Just don’t forget to set up a drip tray underneath to collect any fat or fluids. Kebabs may be made anytime, in any weather, with this technique.

Another important use of the grill rack is for making tacos, a traditional Mexican delicacy. To make the ideal taco shells, just cut circles out of normal flatbread, drape them over the rack, and bake for around 15 minutes.

My usual filling is fried ground beef, onions, tomato paste, corn, pepper (adjust according to spice preference), and cheese. There are a plethora of filling alternatives to satisfy every palate.

I usually roast chicken in a bag or mold for a major meal, but this rack makes it easier. Right off the rack, hang your marinated or seasoned chicken drumsticks.

Remember to add a tray with sides beneath, preferably filled with potatoes, so that the flavorful chicken fat may soak in and create a delightful side dish.

DId you know about that? Do you know other variants of using that?

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