«A Fat Girl Who Is Quite Unlike Her Thin Mother:😳🤔 Victoria Beckham Shared Her Daughter’s Photos!»

Harper, Victoria Beckham’s cherished daughter, turned eleven this past weekend. She recently shared some updated photos of the two of them. Harper has swiftly gained popularity on social media, where her most recent images have sparked heated debates on a variety of sites as individuals draw comparisons between her and her well-known parents.

 “A Plump Girl, Not At All Like Her Slender Mom”: Victoria Beckham Showed A Photo Of Her Daughter!

Not all comments, though, have been kind; some detractors have noted Harper’s physical changes and implied that she had put on weight recently.

Among the remarks were, “It seems like she’s eaten well.” “Not very similar to her mother,” “She hasn’t inherited the trim figure from her mother.” “Spitting picture of her father,” “Not quite as pretty as her mother is,” “What, exactly, about Victoria is deemed beautiful? I think she’s far too thin.

However, other people pointed out that this was all over a single photo and asked for perspective. She has a lot of time to mature because she is young. What counts is that it doesn’t disturb her.

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