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Jamie Lee Curtis and Christopher Guest celebrated their 39th wedding anniversary. During this time, they mostly resided in their beloved family home, where their daughters, Annie and Ruby, grew up. Descended from Hollywood legends Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh, Curtis forged a prosperous career for herself in the business with memorable parts in movies like “Halloween” and “Freaky Friday.”

Curtis’s skill has been acknowledged in both her writing endeavors for children’s books and her acting career, where she has won awards including a Golden Globe for “Anything But Love.”

Guest and Curtis got married and she has frequently honored their union in public, especially on important anniversaries, thinking back on the close bonds they forged through their shared life and kids.
Their relationship began happily ever after, as Curtis declared her intention to marry Guest with confidence after seeing his portrait in a Rolling Stone issue. Curtis reached out to Guest through his agency, but Guest did not respond at first. However, serendipity brought them together by chance at Hugo’s restaurant in West Hollywood, which resulted in their first date and the beginning of their relationship.

Despite its original antiquated condition, the couple made it the center of their family life by remodeling it with the assistance of designer Jan McFarland Cox into a room that embodies a fusion of Mediterranean history and modern aesthetics.

Now more than a century old, the house is a veritable gold mine of family photos, literature, artwork, and unique accents that honor the family’s legacy and Curtis and Guest’s commitment to creating a warm and inviting environment.

Curtis cherishes the small pleasures of their long-term partnership and takes comfort in the fact that their shared house is a haven of affection and shared adventures.

Together with her husband, Christopher Guest, and their kids, Curtis enjoyed a close-knit family life and was deeply committed to creativity and family despite the glamour of Hollywood. These aspects of her life are presented in this tale.

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