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According to recent rumors, Dakota Johnson—the daughter of well-known actors Don Johnson and Melanie Griffith—is getting married to Chris Martin, the main vocalist for Coldplay. After dating for five years, the pair have decided to be married. Gwyneth Paltrow, Chris’s ex-girlfriend, and their children, Apple and Moses Martin, have sent their best wishes.

The media outlet that first revealed the information quoted an insider who said that the engagement had happened previously but had first been kept quiet. The source also mentioned that Chris and Dakota, who have been together from the beginning of their affair, are now publicly announcing their impending marriage to their loved ones.
The source stated that although Dakota and Chris intend to be married, they are not in a rush to go down the aisle and are instead choosing to enjoy their engagement. Before the engagement was formally announced, Dakota was seen flashing an eye-catching emerald green ring on her finger.

In private, Dakota Johnson lives a quiet life in Malibu with Chris Martin, far from prying eyes. The “Madame Web” actress revealed in a rare interview how much she enjoys seeing Chris perform and how much he loves music. She said, “Watching him in his natural habitat is captivating. It makes me happy to watch my favorite guy perform what he loves most.
In addition to discussing family issues, Dakota highlighted her close relationship with Chris and Gwyneth’s kids by referring to Moses as her “stepson” during their private chat. She emphasized her dedication to her duty as a stepmother and to their mixed family while expressing her deep love for Apple and Moses.

Dakota’s observations on family, especially the significance of well-chosen family ties, demonstrate her admiration for the various shapes that families can take. She thought back to her vast, mixed family upbringing and the parallels to the contemporary family she is creating with Chris.
Beyond only signifying their commitment, Dakota and Chris’ engagement signifies the coming together of families and honors the enduring quality of relationships built on love and free will. Their path to marriage serves as an example of how family dynamics are changing in today’s world.

As previously mentioned, Chris Martin and Dakota Johnson were spotted in Los Angeles on October 6, 2023, for Dakota’s 34th birthday. The pair had a great time out with pals at a Laurel Canyon Italian restaurant. Chris wore a laid-back outfit, while Dakota went for a stylish denim jacket and black leather leggings. Following the meal, Chris was observed making a gentlemanly motion by holding Dakota’s car door open.

Chris Martin and Dakota Johnson hold hands after film premiere | Metro News

Following their appearance, followers expressed their adoration for the couple, commenting on how well they matched and speculating about potential future milestones like marriage and family.

Dakota Johnson Shows Support To Boyfriend, Coldplay's Chris Martin, Days  Ahead Of Her 34th Birthday
Dakota’s mother, Melanie Griffith, has endorsed Chris, calling him “special” and expressing her affection for him. Melanie has always encouraged Dakota and Chris’s connection, highlighting her daughter’s desire for personal solitude.

Chris and Dakota have a relationship marked by affection and respect for one another; the depth of their connection is demonstrated by Chris sharing his songs with Dakota for her opinion.

Chris Martin and Dakota Johnson's Relationship Timeline

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