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Jackie Chan who is the legendary martial arts hero and action performer, was recently featured in a video that went viral and swiftly gained attention from his worldwide fan base. On a well-known Chinese social media site Chan looked very different from his usual looks in the video posted. It was taken from a Sichuan Observation report on Weibo.

 A New Look Of The Star Ahead Of His 70th Birthday: Jackie Chan’s Recent Photos Caused A Splash Among Fans!
This film was shot on March 11th, when Chan, who is very close to turning 70, attended the Intangible Cultural Heritage Sealing Ceremony in Luzhou, Sichuan.
At the function, Chan made a lighthearted comment about how ancient he was, drawing a comparison to Luzhou Laojiao’s centuries-old brewing methods.

Along with expressing gratitude for the event and his passion for Luzhou, he also wished for the global dissemination of Chinese kung fu and the unique fragrance of Luzhou Laojiao. Online, supporters’ reactions to Chan’s new appearance were varied, with many expressing astonishment and nostalgia at the sight of the pictures. The reactions demonstrated the impact of witnessing a cherished childhood figure mature, ranging from astonishment and bewilderment to sincere condolences.

A moving remembrance was provided by Tolulope Michael, a career counselor and cyber-security educator. She shared the picture and discussed the passage of time and Chan’s filmography’s influence. Michael underlined the excitement for “Rush Hour 4” as well as the delight that Chan’s work from the 1980s, 1990s, and early 2000s continues to provide.

In a Q&A from October 2017, Chan answered a range of queries with his trademark humility and humor. He expressed his enthusiasm for the film industry and considered a career in directing while jokingly brushing off reports of his death and retirement. With a constant feeling of humility and groundedness, Chan also cleverly answered questions regarding his place of residence, immortality, and a potential showdown with Bruce Lee.

The feelings sparked by Chan’s recent presence are echoed in his book “Never Grow Up,” which contains his reflections on life, work, and retirement.

Though he considered stepping away from the limelight abruptly, he admitted that he was committed to his followers and his passion, as seen by his constant motivation to work and improve his profession.

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