«Do Married Twin Girls and Twin Brothers Who Made Their Daughters Sisters Look a Lot Like Each Other?»🤔😲

Venessa and Kerissa, identical twins from Oregon, have a remarkable story of how they discovered love—in their twin brothers, of all people. At first wary because of what seemed like oddities and different tastes, destiny stepped in when personal trainer Venessa met twins Lucas and Jacob Silby.

Venessa and Kerissa each found themselves drawn to one of the Silby brothers despite their initial misgivings, which resulted in two distinct love tales and their ultimate weddings in 2022 and 2023.
The spouses, who reside in nearby homes, treasure their relationship and participate in tight-knit family activities like card games and bowling. In a stunning turn of events, both couples became parents: Venessa and Lucas celebrated the birth of daughter Adrian, and Kerissa and Jacob welcomed daughter Sophie.

The children’s experience is made even more special by their remarkable genetic connection—they are known as quaternary twins. Quaternary twins, while having different parents, are genetically connected because they share DNA like biological siblings, according to Dr. John Pappas from Hassenfeld Children’s Hospital at NYU Langone. This unusual occurrence highlights Venessa, Kerissa, Lucas, and Jacob’s incredible journey of love and family.

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