«Before and after pictures show how a very dirty apartment was cleaned by cleaners!»🤮😲

While cleaning crews of professionals frequently work on a variety of tasks, sometimes they come across apartments that are so incredibly messy that their cleanup tales are worth telling.
Here, we have a tough task: renovating a flat that was abandoned by its former tenants in terrible shape. Ignoring the causes behind its deterioration, we get straight to the amazing makeover seen in the before and after photos.

It took 3.5 hours of careful labor, using a variety of detergents and spot treatments, to restore the sofa through dry cleaning. The result says a lot about the work put in!
An equally notable improvement was the badly stained carpet’s repair.

The cleaning crew found themselves faced with a large amount of trash and clutter strewn all over the place as they started working. The children’s area’s makeover, in particular, demonstrated the apartment’s dramatic alteration after cleaning. The renovation of this area required close attention to detail in every crevice.

Cleaning dishes, polishing kitchen appliances, and removing stubborn dirt from kitchen surfaces were all necessary chores.
The bathroom had its special difficulties.

Even though the cleanup was somewhat difficult, a committed group of ten experts worked for twelve hours to bring the flat back to its previous splendor.

What do you think of this striking transformation?

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