«Small, Yet Quite Skillful: 😲The father rushed to record his two-year-old son singing!»(Video)👏👏👏

Daniel Converse, the little son of Modesto’s guitarist Steven Converse, stunned his parents when he began to sing along to the beloved Elvis Presley song “Can’t Help Falling in Love” at the age of two. “It was quite a touching experience for us to hear him independently memorize and sing the song,” says a proud father, Steven. Daniel was always drawn to music since he spent a lot of time in the studio with his father when he was little.

His ease with the microphone and his developing musical skills were obvious as he held it with confidence. Daniel had a remarkable grasp of melody and rhythm, even with a few poetic slip-ups.

Quickly seeing the opportunity, Steven set up a recording session, giving Daniel headphones and playing guitar accompaniment as his son performed. Daniel’s future in music is filled with enthusiasm and expectation, as this endearing relationship between father and son highlights the wonderful and unexpected blossoming of musical ability in early childhood.

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