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Prominent in the film business, John Wayne was noted for his restrained on-screen persona and his non-playboyish manner in real life. Behind the scenes, though, his personal life took some surprising turns.
Wayne was married three times, despite his on-screen persona, but none of his unions provided him with enduring happiness. Josephine Saenz, his first wife, was a member of Pasadena’s elite social class. After twelve years of marriage and four children together, Wayne’s adultery with co-star Marlene Dietrich, among other transgressions, caused his marriage to break down.
Against the advice of his friends, Wayne married Esperanza Baur Diaz Ceballos after divorcing Saenz.

Eventually, their intense love soured, with Ceballos turning to drunkenness and becoming upset at Wayne’s rumored extramarital affair with Gail Russell. The couple’s marriage was terminated due to frequent disputes and threats; they did not have children together. Wayne reconnected with love shortly after his split from Ceballos, this time with a Peruvian woman named Pilar Pallete. They were married in 1954, despite Pallete’s difficulty adjusting to Hollywood life and their considerable age gap. Pallete’s strong will caused problems in their marriage, despite Wayne’s intense love for her. As a result, they separated in 1973, though they never really divorced.

Wayne had turbulent relationships with each of his three marriages, but he was a good parent. He was very close to his seven children, all of whom managed to follow their paths despite the complicated dynamics between their parents.

The eldest child of Wayne, Michael, remained close to his father, even sharing a job in the film business with him before rising to the position of president of the John Wayne Foundation. Before choosing to lead a more private life with her own family, his sister Mary Antonia made appearances in a few of her father’s motion pictures.

Wayne’s third child with Saenz, Patrick, pursued a prosperous acting career, just like his father. Melinda, his daughter, briefly pursued a career in acting before starting a family of her own.
Wayne had three additional children with Pallete. After beginning as a young actor, Aissa went on to seek a career in law. Like her brothers, Marisa had movie appearances when she was younger but eventually decided to prioritize her family. Despite their different ages, Ethan, Wayne’s youngest kid, had a unique relationship with his father and treasured recollections of their time spent together.

Despite debates about Wayne’s opinions on race, his children have carried on his memory following his death. Some have emphasized his contributions to the film business and his charitable work through the John Wayne Foundation, while others have defended him against charges of racism.

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