😄«Both in Matching Outfits: Cher Made an Appearance During Paris Fashion Week With Her Young Boyfriend!»

Cher wore similar smart casual attire to the Balmain Fashion presentation, as did her boyfriend Alexander Edwards.

The 38-year-old partner of the 77-year-old music legend seems content with her, despite their considerable age gap.
Cher is renowned for accepting her relationship with Alexander and being at ease in the face of criticism from the public. Cher looked great at the occasion with wide-leg blue jeans, a chic jacket, and a black satin corset, and Alexander completed her ensemble similarly.

Despite their age difference, fans praised their harmonious look and synchronized attire, as well as their friendship.
Despite short reports of a separation last year, Cher and Alexander have been dating since they first met in 2022 during Paris Fashion Week.

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