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Elena first saw Slava on the Internet when she came across his moving poetry and fell in love at first sight.
Even though Elena was married and had a daughter named Dasha at the time, she was captivated by the enigmatic Slava and made contact with him.

Following her husband’s divorce in 2014, Elena invited Slava to celebrate her birthday as a result of their amicable contact.

After the festivities, when her daughter was sleeping, Slava unexpectedly asked Elena to marry him, an offer that she gladly accepted.

Thirteen people attended their wedding, which was a memorable event where Elena looked breathtakingly gorgeous and Slava felt lucky.

Despite their contentment, the pair frequently encounters disapproving glances and murmurs from onlookers. But their love wins out, and finally, Elena gives birth to a boy and Slava gets a job, demonstrating that miracles do occur.

Elena and Slava’s unselfish and unadulterated love is indeed truly remarkable.

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