«Made a Debut in His Dad’s Movie! Kevin Costner’s 15-year-old son, who is seldom ever seen, finally starred in a film!»😮😍  

Following in his famed father’s footsteps, 15-year-old Hayes Logan Costner is making his Hollywood debut in the film “Horizon: An American Saga.”Excitement has been generated by the teaser, which shows off Hayes’s ability and promise as a rising star with Sienna Miller.

Proud of Hayes, Cayden, and Grace, among other children, Kevin tries to include them in his job and expresses his happiness for their accomplishments.

The father-son team’s love of narrative is evident in Hayes’s debut, which opens a new chapter in their cinematic adventure.

Despite his struggles, such as his acrimonious divorce from Christine Baumgartner, Kevin continues to prioritize providing for his kids and valuing their familial ties.

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