«Her father had multiple wives; he abandoned her mother for a young actress.The girl grew up to become a well-known celebrity!» 😳😯   

Despite their glossy personas, Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh, a well-known celebrity couple of the 1960s, had difficulties in their marriage. Their bittersweet love came to an end with a divorce. Their daughter, Jamie Lee Curtis, was their attempt, but ultimately unsuccessful, to save their marriage.

Successful performers in their own right, Tony and Janet both battled adultery and jealousy. Despite their notoriety, their marriage failed, and Tony ended up being separated and going through several divorces.

Jamie and Kelly, their children, had difficulties and comparisons in the public eye as they grew up in the shadow of their famous parents.

Despite having a tense relationship with their father, Jamie, and Kelly both succeeded in Hollywood and carried on their parent’s legacy.

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