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Although Linda Hunt, a well-known actress best known for playing Henrietta “Hetty” Lange on “NCIS: Los Angeles,” and Karen Kline were married in 2008, their romance dates back more than thirty years. Even though Hunt was incredibly successful, she had difficulties in her early years, such as being teased because of her height. But her love for performing helped her get past challenges and fall in love with Kline, whom she had met before becoming well-known.

Though the details of their first meeting are still a little murky, Hunt has teasingly revealed what drew her to Kline in the first place—her corduroy trousers, to be exact. Hunt laughs every day because Kline is six years younger than him, but it doesn’t stop their romance from blossoming. Given that Kline is a retired therapist, Hunt’s interest in psychology probably strengthened their relationship.

Following twenty years of dating, Hunt and Kline officially announced their union with a marriage in 2008. Despite not having kids, they live together in a loving household with their cherished pets.

Even though they don’t use social media, they periodically give fans access to their world, exhibiting their remodeled Hollywood bungalow and their common interests.
Their long bond has withstood hardships, such as Hunt’s 2018 vehicle accident, proving their fortitude and support for one another. Hunt and Kline have a solid relationship despite their ups and downs, which is based on their amusing banter and shared interests.

Their well-planned and tastefully decorated home, from the delightful sunroom filled with natural light to the comfortable living room furnished with antique furniture, is a testament to their perfect collaboration.

After extensive renovations, their home is now a haven with special amenities like a master bathroom painted lavender and a den/library for chilly nights.

Hunt and Kline represent a love that has endured the test of time as they continue to traverse life’s path together, establishing a sanctuary full of treasured memories and shared dreams.

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