«The 71-year-old Gere posted a picture of himself with his 99-year-old father and said that They Look So Happy!»😍

How quickly time flies, isn’t that right? It’s incredible to consider that many people’s favorite celebrity just turned 71.
Remember how we used to drool over the adorable Richard Gere when he was younger? The actor just posted a picture honoring his father’s 99th birthday.

 “They Look So Happy”: 71-Year-Old Gere Posted A Photo With His 99-Year-Old Father!
Many people commented on how handsome his father looked, while others pointed out that Richard Gere had changed in appearance. “His father looks great.” “What a happy grandfather!”

“Compared to his father, Gere appears to have aged considerably. Is it only me? “Being young at seventy-one is a blessing.” “I hope his father lives a long life.” “Very beautiful image.” “Is this just how I see it, or has Gere aged?”

Internet users speculated, “Perhaps Richard’s younger wife is keeping him on his toes.”

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