“💎A Diamond Gown, a Banquet for Fifty Thousand, and Well-Known Stars”: The $113,000,000 Indian Wedding of the Century is Continuing!😲

It has always been believed that children of great fortune will marry. Unsurprisingly to onlookers, Ananta Ambani and his longtime partner Radhika Merchant recently made their relationship official by announcing their engagement. The world was in awe of the couple’s beauty as their parents orchestrated an opulent ceremony to commemorate the merging of their two families.

Radhika Merchant looks gorgeous in a dreamy golden lehenga for her  engagement | Fashion Trends - Hindustan Times
The Ambani empire, which operates in various industries like retail, telecommunications, oil and gas, and entertainment, has made Anant Ambani Mukesh, the company’s father, the richest person in Asia. His son Anant is not far behind, ranking number 36 on Forbes’ ranking.
Anant set the standard for extravagance with her lavish wedding ceremonies, surpassing everyone’s expectations.

 “A Diamond Dress, A Dinner For 50,000 People, And Famous Stars”: The $113,000,000 Wedding Of The Century That Took Place In India!
Radhika Merchant is a prominent board member and comes from an affluent family as well; her father owns a successful pharmaceutical company. Anant is fortunate to have married Radhika. Because of her charm and brilliance, Radhika, a recent graduate of a prestigious institution in New York, is highly sought after as a bachelorette in India.

The celebrations at Jamnagar were extraordinary, drawing several high-profile guests who arrived by private plane. A makeup artist and stylist gave each attendee individual attention, and the event itinerary, spanning nine pages, had a wealth of information.

Before the celebrations started, visitors were given a tour of a nearby zoo that had uncommon animals and other important Indian sites. This grand affair is a preamble to the wedding itself, which is slated for early summer, but the degree of celebration was unmatched. Throughout the ceremony, Radhika displayed several exquisite costumes.

One especially striking traditional dress that caught the attention of the visitors was embellished with an astounding variety of gems.

There were more than 200 menu selections accessible to customers, making the culinary treats plentiful. As a charitable act, the couple invited the locals to a public charity dinner and enjoyed the fine dining options available.

The highlight of the festivities was a performance by international music sensation Rihanna, who not only serenaded guests but also got down on the dance floor with them.

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She made memories with well-known people like Mark Zuckerberg, Ivanka Trump and her family, and Hillary Clinton, who all took pleasure in the happy occasion.

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