At the 2024 Oscars, Ryan Gosling was seen holding the hand of another woman. What is his relationship with his “wife,” who wasn’t even there?🤔    

At the highly anticipated Oscars, Hollywood’s elite flocked to the red carpet, where fans excitedly awaited the entrance of their favorite stars, inquisitive about the big awards, fashion statements, and celebrity dates of the evening.
Ryan Gosling gained international attention as the star of the hit movie “Barbie,” but his presence on the red carpet raised questions. Eva Mendes, his wife, was noticeably absent from the event, as Gosling opted to go with a blonde partner wearing dazzling gold and black attire. The two of them entered the ceremony holding hands.

 Ryan Gosling Was Spotted Holding Another Woman’s Hand At Oscar 2024: What Are His Relations With His “Wife” Who Was Not Even Present?
Gosling’s choice to have his sister, Mandi Gosling, go with him at the event garnered notice; some fans were hoping to catch a glimpse of Mendes, who was nominated for his part in “Barbie.”
Ryan and Mandi have been spotted together before on several occasions, such as the “Barbie” press tour, demonstrating their close sibling relationship. Ryan joked that he’s always associated with Ken, calling Mandi his Barbie in real life and praising her for being there for him no matter what.

Feeling touched by her brother’s remarks, Mandi commended Ryan’s personality, calling him amusing, considerate, and an amazing husband and parent.
After their parents divorced when Ryan was thirteen, the Gosling siblings were reared by their mother, a secretary, in a Mormon home in Cornwall, Ontario. The siblings’ natural aptitude and confidence are evident in their early musical exposure, their wedding singing, and Ryan’s dancing performances.

Ryan credits his childhood in the company of strong female role models for instilling in him a deep regard for women. As a father of girls, he now recognizes the even greater power and development of women.

Ryan’s friendly demeanor was visible during the Oscars, as he demonstrated his friendliness with his co-stars by holding hands with Margot Robbie and dancing with Emma Stone. Mandi Gosling continues to assist her brother’s profession despite her achievements in event planning and cinematography.

Although Ryan and Eva Mendes don’t attend parties in Hollywood together and would rather keep their relationship and family life private, their dedication to privacy is evident. Mendes likes to keep their privacy on social media and seldom shares intimate moments there, choosing instead to prioritize their family above public appearances.

Though they have remained discreet, Ryan has publicly thanked Mendes, most notably in his emotional Golden Globe-winning speech for “La La Land,” when he acknowledged her dedication and support throughout significant moments in his career.

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