“They Were Making Fun of the Old Lady Before She Started Playing the Piano”:👏 Everyone applauded the old lady as she began to play the piano!

Introducing Natalie Trailing, an inspiring Australian lady from Melbourne who has surmounted several obstacles in her life. Natalie, who was raised by Croatian immigrants in the 1940s, endured adversity before finding comfort in her love of music.

She worked at a hotel until it closed after moving to Melbourne in 1993, which left her homeless for nine years. Natalie struggled, but when she went to a nearby music store, her knack for playing the piano was evident.

At first disregarded due to her age and looks, Natalie’s dexterous playing won the respect of all those who heard her.
Natalie continues to share her musical gifts with others while working at a prominent hotel today. Natalie has arthritis, yet her fingers still move smoothly over the keyboard, demonstrating her genuine skill and love of music.See this remarkable old woman’s captivating performance by watching the video.

What impressions do you have?

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