“Hard Childhood, But Then A Successful Career And A Happy Family”:😳 The Boy Who Became a Country Star Despite Growing Up in an Alcoholic Family!  

In an honest interview, well-known country music artist Keith Urban talked candidly about his difficult childhood, recalling a time when his family moved about a lot and there wasn’t much affection between them. Even though Urban was a well-behaved boy, his early life was marred by his father’s drinking, which prevented him from growing up in a supportive family.

In a moving discussion about his trip, Urban revealed the effects of his upbringing in a nomadic family and expressed his desire for a more secure and close-knit family environment. He described the emotional distance he felt from his father, who was not aggressive but hardly showed love or gratitude, preferring to provide criticism.

Urban saw as he grew older that his father’s recollections of those strict days were fading, which may indicate a sincere forgetting of the past.
Urban, who is now 55 years old, has completely changed his life. He married the 56-year-old famous actress Nicole Kidman and has devotedly accepted parenthood.
Meeting in 2005 at an Australian-American social event, the pair spent their first year of marriage living on a farm. On their lovely Nashville property, Urban is a devoted father to his two girls, Sunday and Faith Kidman-Urban, and is committed to breaking the pattern of his childhood.

Urban, who was raised without sisters, says he is really happy to be a father, especially to his girls. He emphasizes how important his kids are to him, even though he and Kidman purposefully keep them hidden from the public to preserve the appearance of normalcy.

When Urban thinks back to when he was just two years old, his parents moved to Australia, and he now recognizes the struggles they faced in trying to start over in a place with little money. Urban has created a happy life for himself and his family by being resilient and loving, appreciating his responsibilities as a husband and father, and making sure they have the security and love he so desperately wanted as a child.

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