Who Lives With the Most Amazing Physical Features? 😨People With Two Toes: How and Where Do They Live? 😱 

Let’s explore the interesting world of the Wadoma, a Zimbabwean “ostrich tribe,” today. This particular group of people identifies themselves as descended from creatures that were formerly avian to prove their ancestry. Are you interested in finding out more about the unique way of life that the people in this remote community lead?

 People With Two Toes: How And Where Do The People With The Mind-boggling Physical Features Live?
Activities like hunting, fishing, and harvesting berries and honey help the Wadoma people to survive. Interestingly, they are quite good at navigating in trees despite having an unusual foot anatomy that would make sprinting difficult. It is an odd trait caused by a single genetic variant on the seventh chromosome. Their ostrich-like foot morphology means they can’t wear traditional shoes.

The “ostrich tribe” is a somewhat isolated group of people with little contact with the outside world. However, the Zimbabwean government is working to make it easier for this amazing tribe to integrate into the larger society.

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