“A Real Transformation! She Could Not Even Get Out Of The Bed”😪: How Does the Woman Appear Now After She Lost Approximately 790 Pounds?😳    

Dramatic news stories were the initial source of public awareness for Mayra Rosales. The first accounts described a sad catastrophe in which, because of her stature, she accidentally hurt her nephew, requiring a rescue effort because she had been confined to her house for a long time. A bed had to be supplied for the length of her trial, and the courtroom had to be modified for her.

 “She Could Not Even Get Out Of The Bed”: What Does The Woman Who Has Lost About 790 lbs Look Like Now?
But as time went on, it became clear that Mayra was not to blame for the regrettable incident involving her nephew. “I was defending my sibling.” I knew the truth, but I felt like I didn’t have much time, so I decided not to tell her,” she said. This realization gave Mayra a renewed enthusiasm for life.

In an attempt to make a difference, Mayra spoke with a surgeon who would take on her difficult situation after receiving thorough nutritional advice.

Even for those who had followed Mayra’s weight struggle online and were skeptics, the change in her weight was remarkable. It’s hard to imagine the vibrant Mayra of today as the person who was unable to leave her house.

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