😱”Our Daughter Turned Into Our Son”: Curtis Uploaded A Picture Of Their Changed Heir!😠

American actress Jamie Lee Curtis, 64, recently boasted about her daughter Ruby, who was once known as Thomas.

 “Our Son Became Our Daughter”: Curtis Shared A Photo Of Their Transformed Heir!

Some may be surprised to learn that Ruby chose to have a major procedure that will change her life.
Tony Curtis, the well-known actor most known for his part in “Some Like It Hot,” is Ruby’s grandpa.

But not everyone who uses the internet is as excited about Ruby’s metamorphosis as Jamie Lee Curtis is. There are differing views; some doubt that Ruby’s choice reflects the changes in society.

Some take a more tolerant position and support each person’s right to autonomy and pleasure.

How do you feel about Ruby’s metamorphosis? Post your thoughts in the comments section below.

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