«Without the child’s father’s consent, the mother gave up her daughter for adoption;👏❤ the father fought to get his daughter back!»

When Skylar, Christopher Emanuel’s daughter, was abruptly placed for adoption without his knowledge, an emotional journey took place. Because of this terrible circumstance, he decided to fight hard in court to get back custody of his cherished kid.

 Mother Gave Her Daughter Up For Adoption Without The Kid’s Dad Permission: The Man Fought And Won His Daughter Back!

Christopher, a native of South Carolina, learned about Skylar’s adoption in 2014 via the Responsible Fatherhood Registry. Only fifteen days later, the adoptive parents filed for custody, keeping Christopher out of the court case despite his attempts to register and enforce his parental rights.

After Skylar moved to San Diego, her name was changed, and Christopher had to deal with the legal ramifications and the passage of time to get things back to normal. Christopher faced an uphill struggle, even with medical documents confirming Skylar was never officially adopted.

Christopher was under tremendous emotional stress, particularly because Skylar’s adoptive parents were made to feel as though he was no longer a part of her life. Christopher was driven by this false belief to show that Skylar’s biological father was the only one who could provide her with the love and attention she so well deserved.

After a difficult court battle, the court unexpectedly granted Christopher sole custody and acknowledged his rights as Skylar’s father. Christopher felt happy and fulfilled as he held Skylar in his arms during their reunion, which was a touching moment.

This nonprofit fights predatory adoption procedures that deprive children of their cultural background, familial ties, and identity while also educating dads about their parental rights.

Christopher wants to encourage responsible dads through the foundation by helping those going through custody disputes by offering resources, parenting workshops, and mentorship. “Daddy dollars” are a component of the program that helps underprivileged fathers.

In addition to being a narrative of personal success, Skylar’s story has sparked a movement to defend parental rights and stop adoption trafficking.

To ensure that no responsible parent experiences the agony of losing his child to an unfair adoption, Christopher Emanuel has turned into an advocate.

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