«Wow!! The man lives in a garage, which has all the amenities of a real house!»😲

It may seem impossible, but a garage can become a comfortable hangout area with some clever remodeling. Dmitry, who is a resourceful person, proved this by remodeling his garage.

The inside hides a cozy living area, but the exterior remains conventional with construction debris and auto accessories. With a couch, chair, and large table, Dmitry can hold get-togethers with friends.

A kitchen area with a gas stove, grill, and infrared heater for cold days is also included in the garage. With time, further luxuries, such as a microwave and coffee maker, made their way into the “kitchen.”

Notably, there’s even an exit leading to a courtyard complete with grapevines, a barbeque pit, and logs.

Dmitry’s makeover of his garage serves as evidence that everything is fixable and can be redesigned with enough effort.

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