An old chest of drawers found in the trash was transformed into chic vintage furniture! 😮

The renovator of today chose to give an antique chest of drawers a stylish facelift after finding it buried behind piles of junk. The item needed minor modifications, such as new handles and a refinished countertop, even though it was in fair shape.

 An Old Chest Of Drawers From The Trash: Transformation Of The Chest Into A Stylish Vintage Furniture!

Following several months of planning and material procurement, the restoration process commenced with thorough cleaning, stripping, sanding, and mending.

The top drawers received decorative accents, and the wood’s original look was restored using cleaning agents. Wood pulp was used to fill in the gaps left by missing glazing beads, and a new veneer was purchased for the damaged countertop.

The chest of drawers has a beautiful finish thanks to careful oiling.

After the major restoration was finished, the inside drawers were fine-tuned, glazing beads were fixed, and handles were attached.

The antique oak chest of drawers was painstakingly restored to become a chic and sophisticated interior component.

How do you feel about the result in the end?

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