« A man purchased an apartment for his mother and, with his own hands, constructed a cheap yet stylish renovation!» 😲😍

Taking care of his mother, who is retired, the son chose to buy a little apartment close by and make sure it was completely refurbished to reflect her strong personality.

The apartment is just 35 square meters, but it has a large kitchen that is about 10 square meters in size and a main room that is more than 19 square meters.

The flat was in poor condition before the refurbishment, necessitating a thorough cleaning of all surfaces and the removal of all outdated coatings.

Convenient built-in wardrobes were made possible throughout the remodeling process by tearing down the hallway wall and replacing it with plasterboard.

The water supply, doors, radiators, and electrical wiring have all been upgraded.

In addition to having parquet flooring throughout and porcelain tiles in the kitchen and hallway, the walls and ceilings were leveled and painted in a coordinated color scheme.

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