Inside Jamie Lee Curtis’s almost century-old home,😮 “The Uniqueness And Beauty Of The House Is In Its Old Age”!

The nearly 100-year-old house that Jamie Lee Curtis and her husband, Christopher Guest, have loved for almost 40 years has seen them through an incredible journey.

Their cherished home, which Curtis found in 1992, has raised their kids, Annie and Ruby. When they first saw the Spanish Colonial Revival house from the 1920s, Curtis was enthralled with its possibilities and imagined making it their own.

The guest, who is usually discriminating when looking for a place to stay, was captivated by the house’s attractive qualities, especially its verdant surrounds and terracotta roof tiles. Curtis and Guest set out to revitalize their house despite its age and lack of improvements from the previous owners.

They worked along with experts like architect Michael B. Lehrer and Jan McFarland Cox to include contemporary features while maintaining the home’s Mediterranean heritage. Family life was given priority during the renovations, which included updating the master bedroom and bathroom and adding bedrooms for their kids.

Now the center of their house, the kitchen flows naturally into the family room, encouraging coziness and warmth. The house, brimming with priceless possessions, captures the family’s development and journey throughout time.

Curtis loves the memories etched in every nook and cranny, from wall height markers to scuff marks that represent her kids’ developmental stages. The timeless appeal of Curtis and Guest’s house provides them with comfort and inspiration even in the face of time.

For them, it’s more than simply a house; it’s a haven where affection and recollections converge.

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