“Happy To Become a Dad Again”: 😮😳Robert De Niro Talked About His Pleasurable Experience As A 9-Month-Old Dad!Do you find it right?🤔

Gia Virginia Chen De Niro, Robert De Niro’s 9-month-old daughter, recently had him talk candidly about his experiences as a father.

 “Happy To Become a Dad Again”: Robert De Niro Shared His Happy Experience Of Being A Dad To A 9-Month-Old!

The well-known actor, who is 80 years old, revealed how happy and connected he is to his daughter, who was born in April of the previous year Niro, who has a partner named Tiffany Chen and a daughter named Gia, talked about how his kid makes him feel happy and fulfilled.

He expressed his wish to be there for Gia as she grows up while speaking kindly of her kind and perceptive character.

In this interview, De Niro talks about how much he loves his seventh kid and how determined he is to treasure every second of being a parent.

De Niro also expressed his gratitude to fellow actor and friend Al Pacino, who also became a parent at a later age.

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