“Modest, But So Cozy”:😳 A couple made the decision to update their outdated bathroom for the least amount of money!😲

Though it needed improvements, Anna and her husband acquired an apartment with a bathroom from the Khrushchev period that was in fair shape. Uncertain of what to do next, they looked for assistance from an advertisement site to locate an expert.

Light and economical were the two main goals Anna had in mind for the new bathroom. They decided to move the washing machine from the kitchen to the bathroom and cover it with a cloth curtain, in addition to replacing the outdated cast-iron bathtub with a tiled shower enclosure.

The complete makeover, which included new plumbing, furnishings, and pipes, took 14 days and cost about $1,500.

The remodeled bathroom was found to be brighter, more spacious, and fun to use by the couple, who were pleased with the outcome.

What are your thoughts on their choice to install a shower enclosure in place of the bathtub?

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