😊The “Cheers” star, Shelley Long, is already 74 years old.😍She was spotted strolling her dog close to her house!

After a protracted departure from the limelight in Hollywood, well-known actress Shelley Long—best known for her portrayal of Diane Chambers on the cherished television series “Cheers”—recently made an appearance in public.

In her Pacific Palisades neighborhood, Long was seen walking her dog. She was wearing shoes, glasses, a black coat, a blue turtleneck, gray sweatpants, and a casual black coat. The silver-haired celebrity was photographed walking with her hands in her pockets and wearing a solemn expression.

This excursion occurs soon after Long declined to go to the much-awaited “Cheers” reunion at the Emmy Awards this year. Long left the program in 1986 following the fifth season, despite its 11-season run being a success. She gave a reason for her choice in a 2012 interview, saying she wanted to seek cinematic prospects instead of taking on parts that would be monotonous.

Long also stated that she wanted to spend as much time as possible with her family, especially her little child at the time. Following the breakdown of her marriage to Bruce Tyson, her husband of 22 years, Long reportedly struggled with depression. These difficulties were mentioned at the time of her departure from “Cheers.”

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