😭The girl had an accident that left her without legs; a basketball ball replaced them, and because of her perseverance, she could win!😲

Kian lost both of her legs in a terrible accident when she was four years old. Considering her family’s financial situation, obtaining prostheses seems unattainable. Kian, however, beats the odds at age 21. Despite the obstacles, she has a strong social life, is educated, and even won a gold medal at the most recent Paralympic Games.

In Yunnan Province, Kian was struck by a truck close to her residence. She had both of her legs removed by doctors, which grieved her family. Because he couldn’t afford prostheses, Kian’s grandpa cleverly used a basketball to create a temporary fix.

Her narrative attracted widespread attention and served as an inspiration to many handicapped people in China.

With the help of donations, Kian was able to get prostheses and go to school. Even though money was still tight, Kian wouldn’t give up. She joined a swimming program for those with impairments and overcame several obstacles to keep going. She eventually qualified for the Paralympics and won gold and silver medals.

2011 saw the tragic death of Kian’s cherished grandfather.

Kian showed her tenacity by continuing to compete despite the setback.

According to her coach, Kian’s tale dispels myths about disabilities in China and shows that people with disabilities are powerful and determined.


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