«In a revealing bikini: 🔥Melanie Griffith, 66, was seen on a Mexican beach!»😮

Melanie Griffith made her acting debut in Alfred Hitchcock’s film “The Harrad Experiment” when she was just nine years old. She rose to stardom after being nominated for an Oscar and winning a Golden Globe for “Working Girl.”

Griffith had four marriages; her final union with Antonio Banderas is said to have caused her great suffering. Despite being called Marilyn Monroe, she had several plastic procedures because she was afraid of losing him and felt inferior in comparison.

The procedures proved ineffective, and she ultimately lost Antonio. Griffith still occasionally attends cosmetology clinics, despite having found competent experts to address some of the effects.

She continues to perform on occasion but she primarily pursues leisure, pastimes, and travel. She was recently seen on camera by paparazzi in Mexico, where she looked stunning in an emerald bikini that emphasized her age-related changes and tiny figure.

Under the supervision of a personal trainer, Griffith maintains her fitness with consistent workout regimens, with a decade-long emphasis on targeting all of her muscles with body weight or weights.

What do you think of her body?

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