«Old Age Has Its Grace: 💣At the book launch party, 90-year-old Joan Collins stunned everyone with her figure-hugging black ensemble!»😍😯

At her book launch, Dame Joan Collins looked gorgeous, attracting attention with her elegant black dress and jewels. Guests, who included relatives and friends in the profession, praised the 90-year-old Hollywood icon’s flawless beauty and glitz.

Collins shared a picture of herself and her spouse, Percy Gibson, on Instagram, and followers praised her classic style. Her timeless beauty was praised in plenty of comments, with one admirer writing, “You shine, Joan. You are the epitome of absolute glamour and beauty.”

Collins talked about her prodigious career, family, and life decisions in an interview with Piers Morgan before the release of her biography, “Behind the Shoulder Pads.”When she thought back on her family, she emphasized how lucky she had been to have had a strong father and a caring, committed mother.

The British legend, who is renowned for her work ethic, has kept herself busy by participating in star-studded book launches in the past and making the documentary “This Is Joan Collins.”

Collins said of her choice to take charge of her story during a discussion about the documentary, “I thought somebody was going to do it eventually, so it might as well be me.”

In addition to her captivating on-screen persona, Joan Collins never fails to wow audiences with her timeless grace and confident manner.

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