Twenty years after the guy’s parents rejected him again, the baby’s parents abandoned him shortly after his birth!😨

Because of his facial deformity, a guy suffered the terrible experience of being abandoned by his parents when he was a baby. Despite this difficult beginning, he was able to overcome obstacles in life with the love and support of his adopted mother and friends.

He experienced bullying and had difficulty accepting himself as a child, but he finally gained confidence and discovered how much he liked his special qualities.
He made another attempt to contact his birth parents but was turned down, so he had to accept his past in a conflicted manner.

Despite these difficulties, he has chosen to accept his destiny and is now a motivational speaker who raises awareness of craniofacial diseases by sharing his own story.

Through his organization and book, he intends to inspire others to embrace their individuality and enjoy life to the fullest.

Although being abandoned is a horrible reality, this man’s perseverance and strength of character demonstrate how self-acceptance and love can triumph over adversity.

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