«This guy earns up to $30,000 a year by renting out a tree house in his backyard.😯He may even quit his job and not work anymore.»

By building a tree house in his backyard and advertising it on Airbnb, American businessman Will Sutherland has successfully transformed a boyhood ambition into a successful enterprise. He made an amazing $30,000 in less than a year, which allowed him to leave his regular work behind.

The little tree home has a kitchen, living room, and bedroom, in addition to a picturesque terrace with a mesmerizing view of the forest below. Most notably, the restrooms, which include a shower and toilet, are outside for easy access.

Will used eco-friendly materials like wood and glass to create the tree home from scratch in just six months, thanks to his hands-on approach. Even with its rustic appeal, this unusual lodging choice has grown in popularity and is frequently reserved months in advance.

The nightly rental costs might range from $160 to $250 based on the season. Will underlines the satisfaction of combining his hobby with a handsome job, expressing his excitement at showing people around the tree house.

This business endeavor not only lets him do what he loves, but it also proves how appealing it is to embrace one’s creativity in the hospitality industry.

Would you like to rent this type of house?

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