Marla Gibbs, the star of “The Jeffersons,” defies aging with her sparkling black velvet gown appearance!😲

92-year-old Marla Gibbs dazzled amid the stars at the 2023 Emmy Awards, exuding an ageless charm that defied her years. The iconic actress, who gained notoriety for her ground-breaking performance in “The Jeffersons,” displayed her unwavering passion for both acting and life in a gorgeous black gown encrusted with vibrant diamonds.

Gibbs, accompanied by her daughter Angela, reminisced about the early years of her work and thanked Norman Lear, the producer of “The Jeffersons,” whom she called her “hero.”Her career path was greatly influenced by Lear, for which Gibbs is still grateful.

In a frank moment on the red carpet, Gibbs revealed her desire to return to iconic series like “Days of Our Lives” and “Grey’s Anatomy,” despite her decades-long career and multiple honors.

Her passion for performing is still strong, as she noted in a lighthearted way when she turned 90 in 2021, thinking of it as her third birthday. Gibbs says that since spiritual beings are ageless, she chooses to vibrate at the energy level of thirty.

Gibbs wishes to keep performing and is determined to follow her love for as long as she wants, defying the traditional notion of retirement.

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