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The romance between Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez started when they saw each other backstage during a Broadway production, and Anthony openly declared that Lopez would become his wife.

But Lopez had a well-publicized engagement with Hollywood A-lister Ben Affleck before this prophecy came to pass. Famously known as “Bennifer,” the pair sparked a media frenzy but, days before the wedding, announced their engagement, claiming an overwhelming amount of media attention.

Marc Anthony’s prophecy came true soon after Lopez and Affleck split up, and the two began dating. This resulted in a surprise wedding at Lopez’s Beverly Hills residence in June 2004. Maximilian David and Emme Maribel were the couple’s twins.

Marc Anthony highlighted an amicable choice when he filed for divorce in 2011. In 2014, the divorce was completed. Contrary to rumors, their breakup was not characterized by drama in the media or allegations of adultery. Anthony insisted that, rather than being a startling development, the choice to dissolve their marriage was a joint awareness.

Lopez and Anthony maintained their friendship after their divorce and were effective co-parents of their kids. About twenty years after she first announced her engagement to Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez shocked everyone in 2021 by rekindling her romance with the famous screenwriter.

On Lopez’s 52nd birthday, the pair declared their romance public on Instagram. In a People cover story published in February 2022, Lopez talked warmly about their renewed love. Lopez showed signs of a different, more developed connection when he expressed thankfulness for their love story’s beauty and second opportunity.

The pair allegedly got married in a small ceremony in Clark County, Nevada, in July 2022, after announcing their second engagement in April of the same year.

According to the marriage license, Jennifer Lopez referred to becoming Jennifer Affleck. Even though Lopez had a happy ending, Marc Anthony, her ex-husband, also moved on and proposed to Nadia Ferreira. The pair announced their romance to the world in March, and soon after Lopez and Affleck’s declaration, the couple got engaged.

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